The Sodor Fallout Fan Movie Part II

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Well, it’s finally complete, and I’m exhausted. Thank you so much to the people who supported me ever since my channel, and this movie project started. Without you, I wouldn’t have anything to all summer. Anyway, I’d also like to thank Tidmouth Thunderbolt, the creator of Sodor Fallout. Sure, he probably doesn’t know this movie exists, but I still appreciate him for being a good writer, and creating one of my favorite fan stories. And finally, special thanks to all the voice actors:

Trainfan J.T as: BoCo
Zahsa&Mel Productions 2010 as: Thomas
Trackmaster 388 as: Douglas
Kelis White as: Donald
Henry03Studios as: Oliver
Zac’s Railways as: James
Total Thomas Man as: S.C Ruffey
FunnyMonkeyFungus as: Ben
Andynachos as: Bill
Lady Corvax as: Daisy
Tacocat119248 as: Mavis
Mario Sonic Crash & Thomas The Tank Engine Fan 64 as : Toad
Pannier Studios as: Emergancy Alert System

The credits will be in the end of the video and in the pinned comment. Thank you.


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